Conditions of sale

Our online shop catalog:
On the site there is an ample range of products which we stock in our store in Montelupo Fiorentino (province of Florence), situated in the heart of Tuscany and easily reached from Florence, Pisa, Siena, Pistoia, Lucca and Livorno.
The products are divided by category and, for the sake of ease, each category has been subdivided into subcategories. You will find indicated the name of the product, its code, a brief description, the producer and the price (all prices are inclusive of VAT).
Clicking on the name of the product, or on the photo of the product, or on the image of the shopping cart you will go to the description page, where you will find a complete description of the product and, if available, other photos of the product chosen.

How to insert the chosen products in your shopping cart:
o place an item in the cart you must first enter the description page.
Once you have written the number of pieces desired, select the image of the cart, the product chosen will automatically appear in the virtual shopping basket. You can in any moment see the shopping basket by clicking on "shopping cart" in the menu at the top of the page.
You can at any time eliminate an article or modify the quantity desired: the page will calculate the total in real time.

How to continue the order:
To confirm your order you should, on the shopping basket page, register (button at the bottom on the right) or reenter: in the first case you will have to insert your data, including a valid email address which will be used as the Login in future; if, in the second case, you are already registered, all you need to do is enter your Login and Password.
The successive phase regards the modality and costs of shipping of the ordered products: in this page you will have the opportunity to specify an address different from that used at registration, in the case that you wish the products to arrive at another home or office.
In this page it will be possible to specify notes relative to the shipping and to the order.
The final phase regards payment modality: you have at your disposition numerous systems for payingthe order (bank transfer, credit card, prepaid card and PostePay), but also the widely used and very secure system PayPal.
In this page you may specify billing data which can be different from those used to register.
Once you have given confirmation of your order an email will arrive reassuming the order.

The merchandise will be sent to you as soon as the bank certifies the arrival of payment.
Afterwards you will be contacted, by email or telephone,by our staff who will indicate the date of shipping, the name of the courier and the relative shipping code so that you can track your merchandise

Availability of products:
Our catalog is made up of numerous products and producers, therefore some products may not be immediately available, In the case that you urgently need the desired product, ask our staff directly if the product is available immediately or how long it will take for the merchandise to be in stock.
Delivery will take place within a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 30.

In principal, the modalities and the costs of shipping can be summarised in these terms:

Shipping modality:
In Italy the merchandise will be shipped by a courier of our choice or can be collected at our showroom.
Indicatively, in Italy, the costs of shipping by courier will amount to 10 Euro, independently of the number of objects or their size.
Foreign customers will pay shipping costs based on the weight of the goods ordered: an order cannot be concluded before the exact costs, including the shipping, have been calculated. When clients are from abroad, the buying procedure will be interrupted at the moment when it is necessary to add the shipping costs, the client will send a request for the shipping costs to be calculated, our staff will reply and the procedure can resume.

The merchandise may also be collected at our showroom with no shipping cost:
Cristalensi Snc Di Lensi Massimiliano & C. (P.I. 05305820481)
50056 Montelupo (FI) Via arti e mestieri, 1 - tel: 0571.911163 - fax: 0571.073327

For clients from the province of Florence and certain areas of Tuscany, the delivery can be made our staff.

At the moment of delivery by the courier the client is obliged to check:
- that the number of packages in the delivery corresponds to the number indicated in the travel documents;
- that the packaging is whole, undamaged, not wet, nor in any way hampered with even with regards the sealing material (sealing tape, wrapping paper).
Eventual damage to the wrapping and/or to the product or the non correspondence of the number of packages to that indicated in the delivery documents must be immediately contested, writing "WITH RESERVE, SUBJECT TO VERIFICATION OF THE CONTENTS" on the courier's receipt, or you can refuse the pack writing "REFUSED, PACK DAMAGED".
Once the courier's receipt has been signed the client no longer has a right to claim that the pack was damaged.
If the articles are damaged please contact us immediately at
Express couriers are obliged to attempt delivery twice. If you are absent at the second attempt the costs of the third delivery will be at your expence, alternatively the pack can be picked up at the local seat of the courier company.

Payment modality:
Payment of the order's total price (inclusive of shipping price) can be done through Bank Transfer, pay on delivery (only cash), with major credit cards, prepaid cards, and PostePay which uses the secure PayPal system.

When paying by Bank Transfer no extra cost will be added but the goods will be shipped only after the bank has certified payment.

When paying online we rely on Paypal's secure system (one has to undergo a rapid registration process) which permits payment with an ample choice of systems: from the major credit cards to prepaid and rechargable cards.
Here is the amply choice:
Che cos'è PayPal

We remind you that when using pay on delivery the courier must be paid in cash. The courier will not consign the goods with any other system of payment. Checks and cards cannot be accepted in this case.
When using pay on delivery systems a 6 Euro charge will be added to the total cost of the goods.

The invoice is issued on request for both companies and individuals.

All Cristalensi products are covered by a garantee from the Italian producer which lasts for two years and covers defects of conformity according to the sense of DL 24/2. Damage produced by improper use of the goods is not covered and we will not be held responsible for damage direct or indirect resulting therefrom.

Acceptance of the sales conditions:
The contract stipulated between Cristalensi and the Client should be considered concluded with the acceptance of the order on the part of Cristalensi, after the Client's payment of the order has been effected. This acceptance is held as tacit, if not communicated by other means by the Client. The Client effecting an order in one of the foreseen modes, declares to have seen all the indications furnished her/him during the procedure of acquisition, and to accept entirely the general conditions laid out in this page.
The client, having concluded the online acquisition procedure should save an electronic copy of the online procedure and payment, and should also conserve a copy of the present general conditions of sale, in respect of the Law Dlgs 206/2005 "Codice del Consumo"� regarding the distance selling of goods.

General conditions of sale on printable file (pdf)

Fiscal documentation relative to the ordered products, in the form of papers physically attached to the pack or sent via email, will be issued by Cristalensi at the moment of the shipping of the same to the Client.

Conditions for the return of goods:
The sale of goods via internet is disciplined by Law D.lgs n. 206/05 (CODICE DEL CONSUMO) which regulates in the matter of distance contracts, by which is intended sales effected outside of commercial premises.
This norm, in vigour from the 23 of October 2005, sanctions the right to return the product acquired, and to obtain a riembursement of the costs sustained
This right is reserved exclusively for physical persons (consumers), and cannot therefore be exercised by persons who are persons only in the giuridical sense, nor by persons acting for ends referable to their role as professionals. This right therefore will not be available to those who have furnished, for invoicing purposes, tax details which indicate that they are buying in their capacity as professionals.

To exercise the right to return goods it is necessary to send, within 10 working days of receiving the goods, a communication in which the Client's intention to withdraw from the contract is clearly stated. This must be sent by post using a system which foresees the release of a receipt on reception.
The costs of returning the goods will be borne by the consumer (D,lgs n. 206/05- articles from 50 to 68).

The right to return goods cannot be applied to products expressly made according to the indications or designs of the client, nor to products which are modified or assembled with others on the request of the client.

Expiry of the right to return goods.
The right to return goods is no longer valid where the goods returned are no longer integral, that is:
n the absence of the original packaging or in the case of damage to the same;
in the absence of elements of the product (accessories, electrical cords, instruction manual etc.) and in the absence of anything which has been furnished without charge;
in the case of damage to the product for causes not related to transport;
damage to the product due to improper repacking suffered in its transportation back to us (for improper packaging is intended the wrong use of the original packaging);
in the case that following the recieving of the goods a request has been made for the shipping of substitution goods (for example, it the product arrived damaged);
in the case that the product has not been assembled.

Procedure for the execise othe right to return goods.
In the case that acquisition was at a distance (online, fax, email) or at our premises and you wish to withdraw from the acquisition, you must follow this simple procedure:
send to Cristalensi, within 10 working days of receiving the goods, a letter with receipt of its reception, stating the causes of your withdrawal.
The communication can be sent first, but not in substitution of, via email to:
Send the product using a courier of your choice and having carefully wrapped the product in its original wrapping complete with every accessory and all that was originally in the confection including the instruction manual.

Refunds of the sum paid.
Cristalensi will riemburse clients the sum paid minus the costs sustained for the processing and the shipping of the product and the costs incurred in taking payment and in restituting the payment.
Excluded are the costs sustained by the seller for the shipping of the goods, in the measure indicated on the bill of sale.
Cristalensi will proceed, through bank transfer, to riemburse the client within 30 days of receipt of the goods.

Breakages deriving from transport
At the moment of receiving the goods, sign and write "SUBJECT TO CONTROL"� both on the two courier's bills and on the courier's slip, this will simplify subsequent procedures in the case that the products have been damaged.
After receipt check that all goods ordered are present and undamaged.
Eventual communications of anomalies or breakages must be sent by post along with photos of the damage within a period of not more than 8 days of receiving the goods.
After this period of 8 days after reception of the goods we decline all responsibility for breakages/anomalies/missing parts.
The photos of the lights must be taken while they are still in their original packaging.
No request regarding already installed lights will be accepted.
If an anomaly/breakage is found, a lamp or a component will be replaced depending on whether the problem regards the entire light or a part thereof.

General conditions of sale on printable file (pdf)

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