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Choosing among wall sconces means exploring a wide variety of wall lamps. Applique are suitable for many types of environments and, in fact, they are indispensable for some rooms. In new homes, they are often a nearly obligatory choice due to increasingly lower ceilings, making it difficult to install traditional hanging chandeliers for proper lighting. Therefore, wall-mounted lights, as well as ceiling lights or floor lamps, become a necessary solution.

When to use wall lamps

Applique are preferred when there is a light source with corresponding power cables in the wall. They are used to properly illuminate an entire room or to have additional light points where it may not be possible with a central chandelier or ceiling light in a large living room. In such cases, the only alternatives to wall lamps are a floor lamp or a table lamp. Wall lights are also essential in corridors, long rooms, and stairwells where multiple lights, even of low intensity, are needed to uniformly and evenly illuminate the entire space. For a long corridor, a ceiling light could be used, but then it would need to provide a high level of brightness, which would result in strong central lighting and poorly illuminated areas at the extremes (ironically, where there might be doors).

Styles and Types of Wall Sconces

Today, the wide selection of models has been further enriched by the popularity of LED Applique, which are lamps with integrated LED boards, eliminating the need for traditional light bulbs. In terms of style, we have managed to merge the light and the structure itself, without being constrained by the presence of light bulbs (which inevitably took up space). In our catalog of wall lamps, you will find modern wall sconces as well as classic-style wall lights. We also offer specific articles in crystal or Murano glass, as well as the distinctive and colorful Tiffany style. Rustic Applique in brass, iron, and ceramic, in line with Tuscan tradition, are also available, as well as gypsum lamps and vintage industrial-style Applique that have become popular in recent years, both for homes and public spaces such as restaurants, bars, and cafes. Additionally, in a dedicated section, we have gathered specific Applique for children, suitable for their bedrooms and their tastes. We have also included a separate section for wall sconces used next to bathroom mirrors, as they have specific models designed to withstand the humid bathroom environment. With such a wide variety, you will be able to find the right product for your space, choosing from a wide range of Applique in terms of design, materials, and prices. For any doubts, the Cristalensi staff is available to assist you.

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