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Familamp: Artistic Lighting in 100% Made in Italy Glass

Familamp is a renowned family-run company dedicated to the art of glass lighting for over three decades. Founded in 1990, the company began to stand out in the industry with the introduction of the innovative glass fusion technique in 2002, becoming pioneers in its use. This particular process fits magnificently with their products, without abandoning other glassworking techniques such as plate and slab glass, and leaf ceiling lights, present in their wide catalog of lamps, chandeliers, wall sconces, ceiling lights, and many other lighting products.
The production process starts with the creation of basic glass sheets, obtained from the fusion of silica sand, soda, limestone or calcium carbonate, and various minerals to give different colors to the pure crystal. The sheets are then shaped using metal rollers to achieve the desired thickness and gradually cooled. Familamp pays meticulous attention to details, such as glass canes, a distinctive element of their pieces. To obtain the canes, glass is melted at high temperatures and shaped by the master glassmaker, creating fishes, stars, threads, and other decorations that set their products apart in the market.
The glass is worked with a "Lume," poured and shaped using a flame with great skill by the master glassmaker, reaching temperatures above 900°C. The possibilities for processing and coloring are endless, and glass, although having specific rules, is an extremely versatile material. The master creates the designs by cutting glass into varying thickness slabs and composing the pattern using various types of glass produced by the company, such as threads, puffs, granules, and powders. Each unique and inimitable piece takes shape through a magical fusion process at temperatures between 800°C and 810°C, followed by a tempering period of about 8 hours.
The heart of Familamp's art lies in the talent of the master artist Christian Jannino, who graduated from the State Institute of Art in Venice in the early '90s. His numerous awards and recognitions during his school career foreshadowed his success over time, with the famous "reliquary of Saint Benedict," housed in the Cathedral of Brescia, bearing witness to his historical value.
In addition to focusing on art and creativity, Familamp is committed to ensuring the maximum quality and safety of its products. All items are made in compliance with ROS guidelines and CE regulations. Moreover, they allow the use of low-energy bulbs, reflecting their constant attention to eco-sustainability.
The lighting company also offers the possibility of custom works, both in glass craftsmanship and complete items, allowing the creation of unique pieces and even mass production for large furnishings or hotels.
In conclusion, Familamp is a highly prestigious Italian company that passionately and masterfully transforms glass into illuminated works of art, providing a unique and elegant touch to any environment. Their dedication to glass fusion and Murano tradition makes each piece a timeless masterpiece, creating an unforgettable luminous experience for its customers.

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