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Faro Barcelona: Ecological Lighting and Modern Design

Faro Barcelona, a renowned Spanish brand, stands out in the global market for its creativity and product style. The company is committed to improving the lives of its customers by offering a wide range of eco-friendly lamps and ceiling fans, ideal for illuminating all types of spaces, both indoors and outdoors, with reduced environmental impact.
Eco-sustainability is one of the guiding principles of Faro Barcelona. Each lamp is designed with a minimal reduction of processes and materials, many of which are recycled, while ensuring maximum quality and functionality. The company offers iconic collections such as Take Away, Board, Guest, Niko, Volta, Guadalupe, and Retro, with modern design and attention to detail.
Particularly noteworthy is the range of ceiling fans, the widest and most diverse in the market. Available options include fans with or without light, silent operation, DC or AC motors, with WiFi, in wood, and in various sizes. These fans not only cool the environment in a healthy way but also add a unique decorative touch.
Quality is a priority for Faro Barcelona's products. Every phase, from conception to design and functionality and reliability testing, undergoes rigorous controls. The company is ISO9001 certified and adheres to safety standards EN60598 and energy efficiency ERP. Working with renowned brands such as Tridonic, TCI, Vossloh, Osram, Citizen, CREE, and LEDil, all products come with a 5-year guarantee and are assembled at the company's headquarters.
Faro Barcelona is also distinguished by the establishment of Q-LAB, a quality laboratory where all product testing is carried out, ensuring customers of the highest level of quality.
The company is committed to achieving sustainability and energy efficiency, with an ethical approach that aims for the well-being and happiness of people. Founded over 60 years ago, Faro - Lorefar S.L - specializes in the production of indoor and outdoor lamps as well as ceiling fans. The extensive catalog offers quality products at affordable prices, easily illuminating any space, thanks to meticulous production and a 5-year warranty on fans.

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