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Filotto: Design Lamps for Creative Lighting

Filotto, a company based in Tuscany, has a solid 15-year experience in the energy-saving lighting sector. Their mission is the constant search for innovative solutions that meet customer needs, both in terms of design lamps and energy efficiency. This synergy is fueled by continuous updates on new trends and technologies, which has made Filotto an internationally recognized brand for its excellence in lighting technology.
Filotto stands out for its narrative philosophy, reflected in their detail-oriented and meaningful products. Their creativity and entrepreneurship are the pillars of the brand, transforming each product into a luminous work of art. This philosophy translates into the idea that everything can become poetry when observing the needs of dreamers, as they like to define their customers.
Light is the central element in Filotto's creations. They understand that light brings colors and shapes to life, and their products are the interpretation of it. Each collection features unique characteristics: from the "TATTOO LAMP" with designs from artists like VanLuc and graffiti by Qwerty, to the "Mondo MAGNETICO" that revolutionizes the concept of functional lamp holder, allowing versatile applications. Environmental concern is another distinctive aspect of Filotto, demonstrated by recycled cardboard packaging without adhesives, aligned with a green perspective.
Filotto lamps are not just lighting objects, but true furnishing elements for dreamers with a passion for design. Whether in the bedroom, kitchen, or dining room, these lamps add a touch of art and color to every space.
In short, Filotto represents the encounter between the creativity of a Tuscan workshop, the dedication of dreamers, and high-quality Italian production. Light is the key element that animates their creations, and their ethical philosophy based on teamwork with suppliers and customers contributes to the success and originality of each product.

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