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Augenti Lighting: Innovation and Quality in the World of Lighting

Augenti Lighting represents the fusion of two prestigious companies: Framon S.p.A and Augenti Group. It was born with the aim of expanding Augenti's presence in the global market, utilizing an extensive international sales network. This union brings years of experience and continuous development, ensuring high-quality standards.
Augenti Lighting products stand out for their exclusive use of high-quality materials, all of Italian origin. Research, innovation, and design play a central role in the company, enabling the continuous creation of cutting-edge lighting solutions. Production is characterized by advanced use of lighting techniques, keeping pace with technological advancements.
A key element of Augenti Lighting is the comprehensive approach to production. All phases, from material processing to the development of finished products, take place internally. This guarantees compliance with the highest quality standards following the principles of Total Quality Management.
The company also focuses on aesthetics, combining innovative design with excellent technical performance. This balance is reflected in the Architectural, Traditional, and Recessed product lines, each with a distinctive touch of Made in Italy.
Transformation technologies of raw materials, such as die-casting and shell casting, are masterfully employed. Production is highly flexible thanks to advanced and constantly updated machinery, enabling various processing on the produced castings.
Augenti Lighting delves into the Italian manufacturing tradition, emphasizing the quality of Made in Italy. All phases, from processing to painting, are carried out internally, ensuring control over every aspect of the process.
The lighting sector is in constant evolution and demands a multidisciplinary approach. Augenti Lighting understands the importance of research, in-depth analysis, and exploration in this ongoing transformation. Therefore, significant investments are made in research, innovation, technology, and design to remain at the forefront and create advanced lighting solutions.
The vision of Augenti Lighting is clear: inspiration is fueled by comprehensive analytical evaluation, taking into account all components and variables. This approach is reflected in the design of products that balance knowledge, technique, and creativity.
The company is committed to maintaining high standards through continuous development in all departments. Technological innovation enables solid and efficient production, aligned with the quality and reliability demands that characterize Made in Italy in the world of lighting.
In conclusion, Augenti Lighting establishes itself as a benchmark in the lighting industry, combining established expertise with continuous innovation to offer high-quality products that carry forward the excellence of Made in Italy.

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