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GLOBO Handels GmbH: Illuminating Homes Worldwide with Style and Innovation

Founded in Austria in 1998, GLOBO Handels GmbH is a player in the world of decorative home lighting. The company primarily focuses on the development and global distribution of decorative lighting solutions. Its distribution network includes significant partners such as furniture stores, DIY stores, physical and online retailers, store chains, and regional distributors. This Austrian company has firmly positioned itself as one of the leading lighting fixture retailers in Europe, with its products currently available in over 50 countries worldwide.
One of the cornerstones of GLOBO's dynamic growth lies in its distribution subsidiaries in Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Russia, and Serbia. These subsidiaries ensure reliable service to meet the needs of these markets.
At the heart of this endeavor are competent and well-trained employees who offer flexibility, responsiveness, customer-oriented service, and high-performance logistics.
The products bear the CE mark, confirming their adherence to European directives. Additionally, environmental protection is a central concern, as all items are compliant with RoHS regulations.

A Wide Assortment of Lamps

With a lighting product catalog exceeding 4,000 items, GLOBO positions itself as a comprehensive supplier, capable of satisfying a wide range of styles and preferences. From classic and elegant crystal patterns to modern design pieces, GLOBO covers a range of product groups and styles. The company's strength lies in innovative LED technology, offering impeccable light quality combined with energy efficiency. GLOBO boasts an in-house logistics center with over 33,000 pallet spaces and a GLOBO Eastern Europe warehouse with 16,000 pallet spaces, ensuring product availability across Europe.
Research, Development, and Design
Research, development, and design are the cornerstones of GLOBO's successful journey. The harmony between functionality and form takes precedence in creating new products. The company is dedicated to modern and innovative design with distinctive accents. Each year, GLOBO introduces over 1,000 new products, positioning itself as a trendsetter in the international lighting market.
GLOBO Lighting Brand Portfolio
The "Globo Lighting" brand embodies eclecticism, materials, and styles. The online catalog by Cristalensi offers a range spanning from modern chandeliers to retro-style ones, from wall sconces to table lamps. The offerings include minimalist styles as well as intricate and creative solutions like adjustable fixtures. Colors range from gold, silver, bronze, and brass to the chrome of contemporary chandeliers.
A Play of Light, Indoor Lamps, and Atmosphere
Few stylistic elements have the power to evoke emotions like light. The color of light can revitalize or relax, influencing moods and emotions. Light intensity can guide attention and significantly impact interior design. GLOBO Handels GmbH has perfected the art of illuminating spaces in ways that go beyond mere functionality, creating an atmosphere in tune with individual preferences and style.
In a world where lighting has surpassed mere practicality, GLOBO Handels GmbH continues to lead as a beacon of innovation and style, redefining how we live and interact with our living spaces.

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