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ISYLUCE: Innovation and Sustainability in Lighting

The ISYLUCE brand represents excellence in the technical lighting sector, offering the international audience a new way of conceiving light. Founded on a solid multi-year experience, the company has quickly gained recognition both in Italy and abroad, securing prominent national and international platforms from Europe to Eurasia and the Middle East.
The company is headquartered in Ponte San Marco, in the province of Brescia, where innovative ISYLUCE collections come to life. Design is the cornerstone of ISYLUCE's production, alongside high quality. Each product undergoes rigorous analysis in an independent Italian testing laboratory to ensure compliance with technical specifications before being introduced to the market.
ISYLUCE is synonymous with reliability and speed thanks to its efficient in-house shipping system. Delivery times typically range between 24 and 48 hours from order confirmation. This swiftness is made possible through internal supply volume management and cost optimizations, ensuring products arrive intact and on time, thereby satisfying every business partner and end customer.

Unique Collections

ISYLUCE collections are characterized by designer lamps that enhance private spaces. High-quality materials like aluminum and metal with integrated LEDs define the exclusive design, creating a welcoming and personalized atmosphere. Recessed solutions in plaster offer a revolutionary installation system and high-profile aesthetics. White, paintable ceramic wall lights provide soft and sophisticated illumination. ISYLUCE wall lights and path markers create a new informal connection with the surrounding environment, directing the gaze outward.

Identity: Quality, Speed, Satisfaction, Innovation

ISYLUCE defines itself through four pillars: quality, speed, satisfaction, and innovation. Quality is a priority from the design and construction phase, ensuring a significant contribution to the success of ISYLUCE products. All items undergo careful compliance analysis and technical specification checks by an independent testing laboratory.
Speed is another key to ISYLUCE's success, with fast delivery times thanks to efficient logistics management. Customer satisfaction is assured, as ISYLUCE offers high-quality products, pre and post-sales technical support, and competitive prices.
Innovation is the distinctive element of ISYLUCE, embodied by the constant search for new meanings in lighting. Each product is designed with attention to design, technologies, and market-specific requirements, consistently enhancing quality and aesthetics.

Integrated Sustainability

ISYLUCE is committed to environmental sustainability, integrating environmental respect into every aspect of production. Quality and sustainability go hand in hand, with products developed to minimize energy consumption and high-efficiency LED lighting. The long lifespan of the lamps reduces maintenance cycles and pollution from disposal.
The company adheres to rigorous safety regulations and funds a plan for the disposal of old fixtures to contribute to recycling and proper disposal of lighting fixtures.
In conclusion, ISYLUCE is a brand that combines innovative design, quality, speed, and sustainability, offering the international audience technical lighting that reflects present needs and environmental awareness. With a distinctive footprint based on continuous innovation, ISYLUCE illuminates not only spaces but also the future of lighting.

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