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LAM Srl: Wide Selection of Lamps for a World of Light and Style

If you're a design professional, architect, or artisan in search of high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly lamps and chandeliers, LAM Srl is the answer to your needs. This Italian company is a true lighting forge, renowned worldwide for its dedication to the art of illumination.

True Made in Italy Worldwide

LAM Srl is an authentic ambassador of "Made in Italy" in the lighting technology sector. Based in Piombino Dese, Padua, this company has made an indelible mark in the world of lighting since its inception in 1979. Today, it is an established entity with fame both nationally and internationally, becoming a reference point for distributors, design stores, and retail customers worldwide.

A Wide Range of Products for All Needs

LAM Srl offers a wide range of lighting solutions, including suspension, floor, table, wall, and ceiling lighting systems. What truly sets LAM apart is meticulous attention to the functionality and utility of their products. Beyond aesthetics, their team of designers deems it essential that chandeliers are practical and functional. This philosophy is reflected in every product they create.

Respect for the Environment

LAM Srl goes beyond creating high-quality products; they are also committed to preserving the environment. Their products are packaged in sturdy packaging that avoids waste and pollution. This commitment to sustainability demonstrates how much LAM cares about the well-being of the planet and future generations.

Unique and Distinctive Design

With LAM Srl, you can add a touch of unique and unmistakable style to any area of your home. Their range includes modern design chandeliers and classic chandeliers, designed to enhance the quality of life of their customers. Every LAM product is a luminous work of art that transforms spaces into places of beauty and comfort.
LAM Srl is responsible for the production of classic, modern, and LED lighting. With over 35 years of experience, LAM has perfected the art of designing and crafting illuminating bodies that meet consumer needs while ensuring perfect integration with different families of chandeliers and lamps.
On the other hand, Lam Export is one of the brands of Cristalensi that stands out for attention to detail. Their table lamps, chandeliers, and ceiling fixtures feature clean lines and captivating designs. The choice of production materials and packaging materials reflects a constant commitment to environmental sustainability, using precious glass and trendy metal finishes.
In conclusion, LAM Srl represents excellence in the lighting sector. Their dedication to quality, unique design, and environmental sustainability make them an enlightened choice for anyone seeking superior lighting. With LAM, transform light into art and add a touch of Italian style to your life.

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