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Linea Zero: Italian Excellence in Lighting

Linea Zero is an esteemed Italian company in the field of indoor lighting, founded in Verona in 1973 by Enea Ferrari. The company is distinguished for producing lamps with contemporary and functional designs using an exclusive material called Polilux™. This material, along with the use of raw materials produced in Italy, gives Linea Zero lamps unparalleled quality and a strong connection to the territory.
Linea Zero's philosophy is based on continuous research and growth, with a particular focus on customer needs. This dedication translates into lamps that are increasingly design-oriented and intelligent in terms of lighting, reflecting their constant commitment to innovation.
A distinctive aspect of Linea Zero is its versatility in handling contract projects and customizations. The company offers customers the opportunity to personalize any product with high-quality prints or modify its standard dimensions, ensuring a unique and exclusive product.

Linea Zero Collections

Linea Zero presents three fascinating lamp collections, each with a unique style:
1. Design Collection: The lamps in this collection are characterized by attention to detail, contemporary shapes, and carefully selected materials. They are lamps designed and entirely made in Italy, ideal for illuminating any environment with elegance and style.
2. Kids Collection: Linea Zero has created a vast collection of safe, vibrant lamps suitable for children's rooms. These lamps make children's spaces even more magical and enchanted, contributing to their growth and learning.
3. Outdoor Collection: The Outdoor collection brings Linea Zero's distinctive design to outdoor spaces. These lamps are designed to withstand outdoor conditions and are available in various options, including hydro-repellent cable lamps, IP 67 battery lamps, or suspended catenary lamps. Each piece reflects the brand's design and quality focus.

Made in Italy: The Quality Mark

The term "Made in Italy" is universally recognized as synonymous with prestige and quality. This mark is the result of distinctive qualities, including unique and innovative designs, the use of high-quality raw materials, attention to every detail, an elegant and classy style, creativity and innovation skills, and the durability of products over time.
The origin of "Made in Italy" dates back to the year 1000 when a rich heritage of Italian craftsmanship knowledge developed, passed down from generation to generation. Today, this mark represents great historical value and contributes to the important Italian and global economy. "Made in Italy" is particularly known for embodying Italian art and craftsmanship.

Italian Lighting Over Time

Lighting has a long and fascinating history, starting from the discovery of fire to oil lamps and modern chandeliers. In Italy, in the 5th century BC, the first forms of chandeliers, precursors to pendant lamps, appeared. Initially used in sacred places, they spread in the subsequent centuries to other buildings, becoming an integral part of interior furnishings.
Over the centuries, Italian lamps have become increasingly adorned and embellished, using rock crystal or Bohemian glass. Today, Linea Zero's Made in Italy lighting represents a perfect balance between tradition and innovation, with lamps featuring contemporary and functional designs.

Linea Zero: Lighting Excellence

Linea Zero is a brand that embodies the best of Made in Italy lighting. Founded on craftsmanship and a passion for Italian products, Linea Zero is committed to maintaining its entire production process in Italy. Founder Enea Ferrari emphasized Italian pride in the design, planning, and production of lamps. "Made in Italy" remains a fundamental corporate value.

Linea Zero's Outdoor Collection

Linea Zero's Outdoor collection represents innovation in outdoor design and lighting. These lamps are equipped with a dimmable IP 67 LED module with 2500 mAh lithium batteries each, providing autonomy ranging from 7 to 100 hours depending on the selected intensity. The radio frequency remote control allows for adjusting intensity and switch-on time, while recharging is done through an induction base with a micro USB socket. Linea Zero's battery lamps are the only outdoor design proposals with these technical features.
In addition to battery-operated table lamps, Linea Zero also offers outdoor suspensions with IP 44 protection and Polilux™ lampshades. The company also presents Catenaria, an elegant accessory that adds a touch of class to outdoor spaces with small and medium-sized lampshades.
In conclusion, Linea Zero represents excellence in Made in Italy lighting, combining contemporary design, high-quality materials, and a deep-rooted tradition of Italian craftsmanship. With a wide range of options for illuminating interiors, children's rooms, and outdoor spaces, Linea Zero continues to illuminate and innovate the world of lighting.

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