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Marino Cristal: Design and Quality Lighting

Marino Cristal is a company founded in 1983 in the Republic of San Marino, with a history that has evolved in the field of design lighting. In 1999, the company introduced the Logica brand, specializing in lighting technology and architecture. At the heart of Logica's philosophy are essential values that guide its mission and vision.

Environmental Sustainability

In an era where safeguarding the planet is of crucial importance, Logica firmly believes in paying attention to all aspects related to environmental conservation. The company is committed to reducing environmental impact by choosing sustainable technologies and processes. Sustainability is the cornerstone of Logica's production.

Uncompromising Quality

Quality is the foundation upon which every Logica product is built. High-quality materials, processes, and technologies underlie each product. The care and precision applied in crafting the objects distinguish what has value from what is merely an object. Logica aspires to create durable products, carefully selecting each individual element.

Identity and Values

In the sea of companies and products, standing out is a challenge. Logica maintains a strong connection with its identity, centered on functionality and simplicity. These are the guiding principles that inspire every product research and design. The company believes that it is these ideals that make the difference.

Dynamism and Adaptability

Logica embraces dynamism, always ready to question itself and adapt to new needs and emerging technologies. The company investigates market demands and new trends, actively and creatively integrating them into its philosophy. This is done without compromising Logica's core values.

Customer Orientation

Customer attention is a priority for Logica, from initial consultation to after-sales support. Logica is not just a source of lighting fixtures but also a partner in identifying solutions tailored to specific customer needs. The company is always available to resolve any possible issue, even years after the purchase.

Local Presence

Despite the digital age, Logica recognizes the value of physical presence in the territory. Seeing a product in person and touching it to test its quality is an experience that no online image can replace. Logica has a presence in various Italian and European locations, closer than one might think.

Diverse Offering

The range of Logica products has been designed to meet a wide range of needs, ensuring that every problem can find a solution. This variety is rich but never banal, adapting perfectly to any environment.

Innovation and Research

Research is a fundamental step in Logica's fixture design process. The company ensures that it develops designs and products that not only meet customer needs but also stand out for efficiency and functional aesthetics.
Logica is a line of technical design lighting products offered by Marino Cristal, known for its wall lamps, LED spotlights, and bright spots with modern design. By choosing Logica, you opt for high-quality lighting products, carefully crafted with precise finishes, suitable for any lighting project at home or in the office.
LED technology is a key focus for Logica, achieving high levels of efficiency in illuminating spaces, both in workspaces and domestic environments. With Logica, light becomes an element of design and functionality.

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