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Are you furnishing your home and thinking about lighting? Are you considering lights for your office or shop? You surely know that lighting plays a fundamental role when it comes to deciding on the style of decoration. Thanks to the variety of materials and technologies, designers and manufacturers have been eager to provide increasingly wider solutions, introducing endless types of lights on the market to answer all our questions regarding both aesthetics and functionality. Let's examine wall lamps, a type of light that is easily installed once the electrical system has reached the desired point.

Which environments are suitable for wall lamps?

Wall appliques should be conceived as light sources that perform different functions: in a contemporary bedroom, modern wall sconces can be placed on either side of the bed instead of bedside lamps in the case of narrow bedside tables. In these cases, there are models that produce diffused ambient light, as well as lamps with small adjustable spotlights, flexible and versatile, useful for reading without disturbing the other person. They are called modern lamps because they adapt to all types of contemporary decor that don't belong to other styles. The same dual functionality, diffused or direct light, is exploited in environments such as a living room or lounge, next to sofas and armchairs positioned against a wall, where it is useful to have directed light in a specific spot: the result would be different with chandeliers or ceiling lights, while with modern wall sconces, we can achieve the same effect. Diffused wall lighting is also useful to avoid direct light towards the eyes, which can be bothersome in certain cases, such as in front of the TV. Meanwhile, direct light from a modern wall applique can also be useful to enhance a specific part of the room or an object like a vase, a shelf, or a painting.

Modern wall appliques as decorative elements

Modern wall sconces are also excellent in entrances and corridors, serving as decorative elements beyond their function of illuminating the rooms. In cases where there are bare walls and no possibility of placing furniture and various accessories, some modern wall appliques with a unique design that complements the surrounding decor can solve our problem. Therefore, modern wall sconces can be considered a decorative element to play and have fun with, thanks to the many materials they are made of: from glass to aluminum, from steel to various metals, from ceramic to plastic, and even crystal.

Shapes and design

The shapes are varied: from minimal design to impactful lights, from fixed forms to adjustable ones, for example, wall appliques with flexible and adjustable arms. The possibility of using LED technology, with integrated LED bulbs or LED boards, has given designers the opportunity to have no constraints on dimensions and to propose solutions that provide a lot of light without increasing electricity costs. Besides design, it is important for us that the products are efficient, of high quality, and offered at advantageous prices. To satisfy everyone, significant discounts are offered on the list prices. Moreover, the articles may have additional variations, both in terms of color and type of light. Just take a look at the detailed description to explore the features, including some photographs. If you have any doubts about the purchase among all the modern wall sconces, our staff is available to help and provide clarification, both via email and phone.

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