Outdoor floor lamps

Garden Lanterns and Lampposts: Outdoor Floor Lamps

Outdoor floor lamps encompass a range of lighting products that can be positioned on the ground or floor but protrude from the surface, at varying heights, distinguishing them from recessed lights that are closer to the ground. This is to give an idea of what you can find here: poles, stakes, lampposts, freestanding lamps, etc. All these terms indicate outdoor ground lighting, whether it's for a garden, poolside, entrance to a house, or even terraces, balconies, and loggias.

Where to place poles and lampposts

Garden lampposts and poles are useful outdoor floor lamps for diffusing light in the environment. In the case of models with adjustable lamps, they can also focus the light beam on a specific point in our outdoor area. They are suitable for highlighting spaces that require attention, such as a pathway for people or vehicles, as well as illuminating specific areas of a garden with bushes and trees. In the case of tall lampposts, they can provide light to larger spaces such as open areas that require wider and stronger lighting, without obstructing the line of sight that could otherwise be bothersome. The outdoor lamps sold on our online shop are built to withstand outdoor conditions and are resistant to weather elements (rain, sun, wind, heat, cold, and dust), protected by specific guarantees.

Design and style of poles and lampposts

Our catalog of outdoor floor lighting includes both modern and classic lamps made from various materials such as metal, iron, steel, brass, terracotta, and ceramic, with glass components. Additionally, there is a dedicated section for LED products where physical light bulbs are not present. This characteristic has allowed designers to create unique lampposts and poles that would have been impossible to achieve with traditional light bulbs. With a wide range of options, you can find the right product for your outdoor space, choosing from a diverse selection of floor lamps in terms of design, materials, and prices. For any questions, the Cristalensi staff is available to assist you.

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