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This is our catalog of outdoor lighting products: you will find all types of outdoor lamps, from ground lamps such as poles, lanterns, and lamp posts, to pendants, ceiling lights, wall lamps, and sconces. We also have spotlights and recessed lights, as well as specific solar panel lamps for energy efficiency. We also offer decorative garden lights such as illuminated vases and objects suitable for pools. The types of outdoor lamps are numerous and increasingly differentiated to meet the demands of customers who are becoming more attentive to maximizing their outdoor spaces, as well as having important knowledge of outdoor organization. When we talk about outdoor spaces, we often refer to environments that are different from each other and serve different functions, so it is important to specify what we want to illuminate and what we will do in that environment. For example, we could talk about a classic garden with furniture for relaxation (perhaps with a beautiful pool), or a green space for dining. At the same time, we can refer to pathways and passages, as well as terraces, balconies of various sizes, and even loggias. All these spaces require different types of outdoor lamps: from poles to recessed spotlights for low-level lighting, or wall lamps and ceiling lights if we have walls and ceilings, for higher lighting. In the case of decorative lighting, even for special occasions, there is a wide range of products that are gaining popularity: objects that have the dual function of light and container for plants, lamps to hang on trees and bushes, lamps to place on tables, lamps that can be used in water, and in many cases, battery-powered items that do not require electrical connections.


All types of outdoor lamps are available in various styles, from modern to classic, as well as rustic, and are made from various materials. We offer a wide range of outdoor lighting products to meet all needs: from simple items to those with refined and unique designs, from products made by major companies to those created by small artisans, all at a wide range of prices and with significant discounts from the list price. Browse the list, explore the search options and filters, find your product, and place your order. If you can't find the desired item, contact us and tell us about the environment where you want to place the product: our staff will be able to recommend a solution.

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