Outdoor spotlights and wall recessed

In this section you will find a series of outdoor and wall lighting items that differ from wall and ceiling lights for many reasons. They are wall and wall lamps that often have a more punctual light, in many cases focused on one point or consisting of several light points if used to illuminate the whole environment. In general, there are also the smallest products on the lighting market: spotlights and recessed outdoor lamps often have smaller dimensions than other types. Wall spotlights and downlights are usually single points of light. Ideal for saving space, or for a minimal style, and essential for entrances, stairs, paths, terraces, balconies and small rooms or to illuminate specific parts. They are also used in large quantities in the business environment: offices and shops make extensive use of them outdoors. A great variety that will allow you to find the right product for your outdoor environment, choosing from a wide range of recessed and outdoor spotlights both in terms of design, materials and prices. For any doubt, the Cristalensi staff is available to advise you.

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