Chandeliers are pendant lamps, so in this list you will find all those products that have a light that detaches from the ceiling, unlike, for example, the ceiling lights , which are lamps attached to the ceiling or applique , which are wall lamps . Chandeliers are the most widespread and most requested type of lighting for homes and apartments, for a variety of reasons, not least for the large amount of products made by companies, being more free to create and design suitable models without constraints. for the bedrooms to those for living rooms and kitchens that are suitable for both large and small environments.

Chandeliers: various types

You will notice that our shop also includes chandeliers : we simply divided the suspensions with few lights from the lamps with more lights to facilitate the search . Today, the wide choice of models has been further enriched by the diffusion of integrated led chandeliers , where the lights blend directly with the model and the structure itself, thus creating shapes that were unthinkable until a few years ago.

Pendant lamps: various styles < / h2>

In our catalog of pendant lamps there are both modern chandeliers and articles for a classic style lighting ; there are also specific products in crystal or in Murano glass as well as in particular and colored Tiffany style </ a >. From the Tuscan tradition, the rustic chandeliers in brass and ceramic, and the new vintage industrial style chandeliers . In addition, in a specific section, given their particularity and the audience to which they are addressed, we have collected the chandeliers for children , suitable for their bedrooms and their tastes.
A great variety that will allow you to find the right product for your environment, choosing from a wide range of pendant lighting both in terms of design, materials, functionality and prices. For any doubt, the Cristalensi staff is available to advise you on the most suitable for your needs.

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