Mirror lamps

In this section you will find all those lamps that are placed near the bathroom mirror. Specific wall lamps for the bathroom, with often directional lights, which can also be integrated with LEDs so as not to have real bulbs but with a guarantee and a very long duration almost to forget to change them. Mirror lamps often also have specific protections for humidity: for not very large rooms it is very important for the duration of the product itself. They are generally produced with a modern line, in metal and glass, even if you can find wall lamps with more classic lines. In addition, you can also find mirrors with integrated light, light that comes out directly from the mirror without any external lamp. A great variety that will allow you to find the right product for your interior, choosing from a wide range of mirror appliques both in terms of design, materials and prices. For any doubt, the Cristalensi staff is available to advise you.

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