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Fabas Luce is an Italian company that has been successful in the lighting industry since 1979. Specializing in high-brightness LED lamps, the company has demonstrated a leadership role in the transition to LED technology. Fabas Luce lamps are characterized by a modern and understated design, with simple shapes and neutral colors such as white and gray, suitable for both modern and classic living spaces.
The Fabas Luce catalog offers a wide range of products, including chandeliers, wall sconces, ceiling lights, and table lamps, available with various types of fittings. The quality of the products is guaranteed through continuous research and attention to detail while keeping prices affordable. The company also stands out for its customer service, with highly professional staff attentive to customers' needs.
Dynamism, flexibility, and innovation are the distinctive features of Fabas Luce, which has accumulated decades of experience in the indoor lighting sector. The lamp designs are created by a team of Italian designers, ensuring solutions ranging from modern to contemporary styles, from minimalist to more refined aesthetics.
A significant aspect of the Fabas Luce offering is represented by the SMARTLUCE lamps, which use artificial intelligence to communicate directly with Wi-Fi networks and voice assistants like AMAZON or GOOGLE. This new system allows easy and remote control of the lamps via smartphones, even when the user is away from home.
In conclusion, Fabas Luce is a renowned Italian brand in the field of decorative lighting, offering high-quality lamps with refined design and innovative technological solutions. With its extensive collection of products available at discounted prices on our online shop, the company continues to be a reference point for those seeking elegant and efficient lighting solutions for their interiors.

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