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I.M.A.S. Firenze: Decades of Excellence in Artisanal Lighting

I.M.A.S. Firenze is a company born in the distant year of 1956, founded on a strong family tradition. For over half a century, the company has excelled in the field of indoor and outdoor lighting, offering articles that embody the pursuit of perfection and the promise of timeless beauty.
What characterizes I.M.A.S. Firenze is its dedication to the craft of artisans. This tradition, inherited from the founders, is a point of pride for the company, which sees the manual craftsmanship of its products as a testament to continuity and the desire to preserve the techniques and methodologies typical of a bygone era. The choice of materials, such as wrought iron, brass, and hand-painted ceramics by master Florentine painters, combines to create unique objects that offer the opportunity to choose from over 250 decorations.
I.M.A.S. Firenze further distinguishes itself by offering customization of its products. Decorations can be requested based on a design or sample, allowing customers to create bespoke products. This flexibility is made possible because craftsmanship, creativity, and passion remain the pillars of the company's production. Day after day, the team at I.M.A.S. Firenze strives to meet the lighting needs of customers while keeping artisanal traditions alive.
I.M.A.S. Firenze's collections, such as "From Raw Earth," reflect the company's philosophy of bringing objects to life with care and dedication. Each model is carefully selected and crafted according to rules that hark back to the manual artisanal art deeply rooted in Tuscany. What sets I.M.A.S. Firenze apart from other companies is the significant role played by human intervention, adding that special touch that distinguishes the company's production, making it unique.
In conclusion, I.M.A.S. Firenze is a renowned brand in the field of indoor and outdoor lighting. Founded on a family tradition, the company has evolved over more than 65 years, keeping its artisanal roots strong. I.M.A.S. Firenze's production is a meeting of past and present, with craftsmanship and creativity coming together to create luminous works of art that stand the test of time.

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