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Ciciriello Group: Illuminating Elegance with Passion and Innovation

The history of Ciciriello Group has deep roots in the city of Andria, dating back to the 1980s. Giovanni Ciciriello, a visionary entrepreneur, laid the foundation for his company during those years, passing on his passion and projects to his children, who, at a young age, took the reins of the brand, blending tradition and innovation.

Our present is a reflection of both classic and contemporary style, a perfect blend of Italian design, material quality, attention to detail, originality of forms, and durability. Every day, we work to enhance tradition through a contemporary approach, creating new expressions of design that combine style, class, and innovation. Ciciriello Group now embodies the evolution of a great passion: furnishing and illuminating every space with taste and personality.

Today: Lighting Trends

Ondaluce, a brand of Ciciriello Group, embodies an intriguing duality - classic style and soft lighting to create a cozy atmosphere, and impetuous creativity to infuse strength and character into spaces.
Ondaluce by Ciciriello Group for Cristalensi Lampadari offers a wide range of products that are a unique fusion of styles. From modern LED spiral suspension systems to classic wrought iron chandeliers, from wall sconces to garden bollards, we provide solutions for every lighting and design taste, both indoors and outdoors.
The Ondaluce brand of Ciciriello Group is synonymous with variety, dynamism, and versatility. With two decades of experience, we offer our customers a wide range of solutions ranging from elegant to modern. Thanks to the talent of our designers and skilled artisans, we offer optimal products, diversified in materials and light sources. Our goal is to furnish spaces while respecting the lifestyle and aesthetic preferences of our customers, while ensuring excellent value for money.

Onda Luce Chandeliers by Ciciriello Group on Cristalensi

Onda Luce offers a wide range of solutions to illuminate any environment, from homes to commercial premises and offices. Using materials such as blown glass, crystal, aluminum, and rhinestones, Onda Luce features LED systems, lampshades, floor lamps, wall sconces, and spotlights, establishing itself as one of Ciciriello Group's leading offerings.
The product portfolio of our three brands is extremely versatile, allowing us to furnish any space. Ondaluce's catalog offers a wide variety of products, from traditional to contemporary. Thanks to the company's two decades of experience and the expertise of our designers and artisans, we guarantee diversified products in terms of shapes, materials, and light sources.

The Ciciriello Group Ltd.

Situated in the picturesque Apulian countryside, just minutes from the Castel del Monte in Andria, Ciciriello Group has been firmly rooted in the industry since 1990. Our philosophy is based on the collaboration between experience and youth, and we focus on a market attentive to the quality-to-price ratio. Our mission is to transform our customers' homes into beautiful and welcoming environments by offering lighting solutions that satisfy both their aesthetic preferences and their budget.
In conclusion, the Ciciriello Group is a story of passion, innovation, and dedication to quality lighting. We are ready to inspire and illuminate your spaces with our Italian design, variety of solutions, and commitment to excellence.

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